One comment on “Hayyudureen ABO Jaal Daawud Ibsaa Ummanni Oromoo Rakkoo Ulfaataan Qabamuu Ibsuun, Waamicha Qabsoo Dabarsan

  1. Attacking The Monotheistic Belief( Tokkummaan ) True Oromo is found up on monotheism.Both the Geda System and the speeches of the Aba Geda concentrated on this great principle.Indeed a man cannot Oromo with out deeply believing in monotheism ,because it is the spirit of Waaqaa. This great principle benefits man kinds great benefits.It gathers men to one Waaqaa,a thing that unifies their direction ,and plants fraternity among them, while polytheism leads to diversity and fanaticism. That is to say the corruption of the order and the loss of humanity as To Me. The fact is that Meles Zenawi played a grave part in partition. Oromo(Ethiopia) is still suffering from this home work and opinion which caused the devastation of Oromo UNITY. and distributing them in to Sects waging war against each other and mockingly ,all in the name of O.L.F,terrorist ,Al-shababi,.. The first sowers of fire seed ,and the first builders who put its fundamental stone(Dhagaa Buuura) was woyane person Meles Zenawi incuding Legs Of Woyyaane ,a number of propagandists silent(Dhosan) and speaking(ifaan) Therefore the high interest of Humanity lies with Monotheism(Unity). Tokkummaan Qorichaa isaa jalqabaatti + Waaqeffaana

    Itti fufaa Injifanno ummata Oromoof! Guurii Yaasi Irraa

    On 15/07/2013, Fighting for Freedom and Equality

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